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100 Freestyle lite glucose strips

Just saw that the strips are three years from the expiration date. No wonder they were so cheap. Yikes.


Didn't receive the order give me my $99.84

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100 count


The test strips received expired 2019. This is 2022!
I brought unexpired strips from Walmart and compared the glucose readings using the same blood droplet. The medical wholesale outlet 2019 reading was 20 points lower. Not good when your trying to monitor your sugar level.

ReliOn Confirm Micro Blood Glucose Test Strips, 50 Ct

when they said expired, i didn’t realize it would be expires 4 years


4 years out dated

Great test strips

Thank you for making test strips a little more affordable.

Very fast service and shipping progress updates PLUS accurate ordered items

Very happy with my order. Will buy again from this vendor.

Pain spray

Love the products and ability to order in line and ship to Alaska


Very good prices. Quick delivery no hassles. Will definitely use again.

Maria Akers


FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100 count

Faulty Product expired

I started to use the test strips and my numbers are staying the same 175 171
and that's not normal for me. Am 125-130 after I eat 140 - 170 I only eat protein and veggies most of the time. So I looked at the expiration date and it say 5-31-2021 so these bottles are expired and are faulty product. I would like replacements. If you email a return label I will send these these back one is open the other is not. I called and spoke to doris

Great product, terrible shipping

Hi! We love the product however the shipping was not properly updated and it showed the package was never sent. However, it was sent to a gentleman in another state who was kind enough to forward it to me. All very bizarre!!

Excellent the best

Bad bad

Why selling expired blood sugar strips: if I was aware of that I won’t ever brought it first place!

One Touch Ultra test strips

Everything went perfectly and was fast delivery!

Great price

We ordered them and came quickly and being expired still have accurate blood sugar readings

I want a discount

I haven’t got anything yet! And I paid for expedited shipping! You say it was shipped but I call your office and they said it was back ordered and hasn’t shipped yet. I truly need this device to control my diabetes/A1c. I am asking for money back since it has been over 9 days without having one.
Thank you so much for your time and attention to this matter.

Money back

I please need my money back

Very happy

My order arrived promptly. The boxes are in perfect condition, and are exactly as described by you.

Antiseptic towelettes

I have not yet received them, so I have nothing to review.

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100 count

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100 count Review Medals