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Bauer Microlet 2 lancing device

I have used these for years and have found it to be the best, especially the convenience of loading it with one hand.

Expired test strips

I can't use expired test strips, I need the current year. Also, I never received the free contour meter. That was false advertising!!! I'm dissatisfied!!!

Out of date test strips

I have only opened one box but they are working fine so far. I did not receive a Free meter. I only bought test strips.

Order hasn’t been shipped

I ordered this over a week ago and received an email it was shipped on Tuesday. It still hasn’t been shipped and this was supposed to arrive last week. I have since ordered from another company and will ask for a refund

Don’t know what I think

Haven’t used it yet!

Everything was Great

Awesome cream

Works great helps to control my pain a lot.

I love freestyle strips

Waiting for item

I have not received the items. A month later and still waiting.

Good bargain and work fine if you don't mind it expired !
But the shipping cost is not cheap at all !

Test Strips

I’m very disappointed with this seller. I ordered 300 contour next test strips. They sent all expired boxes. It was expired since 2021.They charge me on my card before they shipped the things. Now I try to contact them but I couldn’t reach. I think this is a fraud. Ph number on payment receipt is 714-990- 5842. On website
714- 494-4606.


Accu-Chek Aviva Control Solution 2 Vials

Go with the cream. The gel is too watery.

First time with gel but will never do this again. Love cryoderm cream but the gel is like water. Doubt that it even takes away the pain. I have been buying the cream for years but the price has gone up so much, thought I would try the gel. Yuck! But I got it quickly.

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100 count

Hi there! Im still waiting for my order. I didn’t gets the glucose meter yet.

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100 count

Great Customer Support

Available AccuChek really needed and working.

Expired variant

I am confused if I should trust the test results. Because the expired date printed is '2021-10-31' and my purchase was made at the beginning of 2022-August. I might missed the words of 'Expired Variant' and only attracted the low price. I would appreciate if you could tell me the strips can be trusted if I use them before end of October. Thanks

test strips dated in 2023

No doubt this isn't true of all sold here, but I just received test strips dated in 2023, in intact packaging.

Seem to work fine.

(I ordered the least expensive option--~$35/100.)

P.s. I had just used up expired test strips left over from my mother who died in 2016 (had to buy a new meter as old strips not available--oops! should have checked here!).

There didn't seem to be problems with the old strips.

Accu-Chek Fastclix Lancets, 102CT

I returned because wrong number
l am still waiting for my money back

Test strips

Strips faulty,. States not enough blood every time, get a new one. Same results Wasted my money.

Slow but good enough!

It will do without buying new strips.