One Touch Verio Test Strips 100 count

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Exceptional Value and Customer Service for Vital Health Monitoring

I recently purchased One Touch Verio Glucose Test Strips – {Expired for a lower cost} and I must say that the overall experience has been outstanding. This product not only provides accurate and reliable results, but the exceptional price point of around $21, coupled with free shipping, makes it a game-changer for individuals like myself who rely on regular blood glucose monitoring.
The test strips arrived promptly. However, there was a small hiccup in my order as I realized that I was short 10 glucose strips. Understandably, mistakes happen, and I reached out to the customer service team to address the issue.
To my surprise, the customer service exceeded my expectations. They not only apologized for the oversight, but promptly rectified the situation by sending me the missing 10 glucose strips with my next order. As a gesture of goodwill, they also included an additional 20 strips, ensuring that I wouldn't face any inconvenience in the future. This level of commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable.
While I understand that the rising cost of test strips is not within the company's control, it's disheartening to see such vital health supplies becoming increasingly expensive overall. Despite this industry-wide challenge, their company stands out by providing their products at an excellent price point, making it more accessible for individuals like me who heavily rely on these essential monitoring tools.
In the face of escalating prices, I've found myself contemplating the being able to test my blood every day and probably going to have to stop and just wait for testing at my doctor’s office every 3 months and just pray that I am keeping my blood glucose low during that time. (All of our bills have doubled in just the last two months- electric, water, natural gas for heating, and the sewer…and shall I mention the food … as in how $1.28 a lb for 80/20 beef is now $8?)
In conclusion, Medical Wholesale Outlet not only offers a top-notch product at an unbeatable price, but their dedication to customer service sets them apart in an industry that's facing challenges. I highly recommend Medical Wholesale Outlet to anyone in need of reliable glucose monitoring and I am grateful for the peace of mind they provide in managing my health.

Kind Regards,

Elaine Mercante

While your prices are better than most I wish you could be lower for senior citizens on a fixed income.

Carol Cross

One Touch Verio Test Strips 100 count

Irmgard Dering
Verio Test Strips

Haven't received them yet!

Robert Bursiel

One Touch Verio Test Strips 100 count

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