Contour Next Control Solution Level 1 Vial


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NDC# 0193-7315-01

The Bayer Contour Next Control Solution works specifically to check the accuracy of your glucose test strips. Easily use this product by applying one drop of solution onto a glucose test strip and continue as though it were a normal glucose test. Afterwards, make sure that your test results from this are within the acceptable range found on the vial of your test strips. The Bayer Control Solution level 1 is designed for use with the Bayer Contour Next EZ Meter only. Level 1 checks the accuracy of a more middle-range of numbers.

It is recommended that you perform a control test:

  • On a monthly basis
  • Each time you replace your glucose test strips
  • After changing the batteries of your meter
  • If you are questioning the accuracy of your test results


    • For use with the Bayer Contour Next EZ Meter only.
    • Call the manufacturer of your meter immediately if the results are out of range
    • Refer to your owner's manual for detailed control test instructions.
    • Manufactured by Bayer Diabetes Care

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